Huron Regional Airport - On the cusp of a renaissance

The following is an exceprt from Business Magazine's interview regarding the Huron Regional Airport and its relationship with Fixed Base Operator Skyways and Fly Jet Center.

Business View Magazine interviews Larry Cooper, Manager at the Huron Regional Airport, as part of our series on regional American airports.

Huron Regional Airport is a city-owned, public airport in Huron, South Dakota, and Airport Manager, Larry Cooper, has a plan to reinvigorate the once bustling commercial facility. Together with the new Fixed Base Operator, Skyways, through FLY Jet Center, his vision is to create a service center at the Huron Airport that rivals any in the country, while becoming a must-stop location along any route.

"Through their other subsidiary, JET 60, a maintenance and charter service, they are flying Lear 60s across the country," explains Cooper. "They chose Huron as the mid-country location for stopovers and service. They own six Lear jets and manage 14 others for clients. The dream is to make this a one-stop service center for everyone." Cooper believes it will be a welcome change because for many years, the tides have been running the other way.

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